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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  July 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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their gardens and make their plants grow. >> reporter: producing honey in the process. in northwest washington, bob barnard, fox 5 news. the news keeps coming. brian bolter now with the news edge at 11. >> we begin by staying on top of that breaking news. several people injured after severe turbulence on a flight from dulles, a passenger jet heading to la was diverted to denver about an hour ago. the denver airport we're told is filled with emergency crews right now as the pilots of united flight 967 decided to land there after encountering the severe turbulence over kansas city. 30 people were hurt, one person taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the faa trying to figure out what happened. any new details in the next half hour we'll pass them along. a hail of bullets outside a deanwood home. a young woman caught in the gunfire hit several times. her family is trying to
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understand why their home was in the middle of a vicious driveby. robe chavez working this in the news room. >> reporter: we counted 15 to 20 bullet holes in the home. inside the tvs were shattered and furniture was shot up. tonight the family doesn't know if they were the target of this drive-by, but it has them terrified. >> them bullets was flying here, there, everywhere. >> reporter: it is amazing anyone survived, the side of the home ridled with bullets, glass shattered. many of the bullets went through the walls inside the house. 21-year-old quisha stephenson was shot outside as she returned home. >> the whole house is basically shot up. she was just getting out of her car going into her house and that's when the gunshot -- you know, then she started crawling so she could make her way to the house. then she got out of the car, seen somebody running and gunshots just started going
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everywhere. >> reporter: witnesses say gunfire rang out from the alley, several minutes of non-stop shooting, then it came from the front of the house. stephenson tells her family there was as many as three shooters driving and running through the alley with automatic weapons. there was so much gunfire this bullet was left behind. >> she's fighting for her life, she's strong, getting it, she's doing it, she's pulling by, and god -- you know, god is on her side. >> reporter: family members say bullets came from every direction, through doors, windows and walls. six people were inside dodging bullets, including four kids. one was an 8-year-old. relatives say their neighborhood has become a nightmare. >> they're scared. they're not coming back there at all. they're terrified. they're not coming back at all. >> reporter: tonight, police have no information about the shooting. quisha stephenson is still in the hospital in critical condition. she can only communicate by
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squeezing family's hands. she was shot in the is it stomach and back. several vital organs were damaged. robe chavez, back to you. the mother/daughter murders, two women, both nurses, murdered along with their teenage daughters. investigators now think they know who's responsible for those deaths. beth parker is working that one, beth. >> reporter: print georges county's police say one of america's most dangerous criminals in county history is off the street. he's responsible for four murders and the suspect in at least one more death, police say. when karen lofton and her 16-year-old daughter, carisa, were shot and killed inside her home last year, neighbor charles williams could not believe it. >> it was just a shock to me, because i know she was a good lady. >> reporter: now, police say the lofton case is connected to another double homicide, the death of delores wit and her
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19-year-old daughter ebony. police believe they were killed by the same man. he's locked up under other federal related charges. the man is also the suspect in the june 2008 murder of velma butler. she was shot to death in her home in bowie, and the home was set on fire. >> authorities are not releasing the man's name because they are waiting for him to be indicted. that may happen in the next week or two. we can tell you he lived about a mile from the mothers and daughters who were killed so he did have a connection to that neighborhood, brian. >> we'll follow it closely. thank you, beth. this rockville woman reported missing yesterday was murdered, and the police have a suspect in custody. she was reported missing early yesterday morning, her body later found on faraget street northwest. police haven't charged the suspect but say he and namie knew each other apparently. she was a well known
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international arlington consultant. some of her clients were people in state and hollywood. news about the economy for anyone out of a job. the senate has broken a republican filibuster to extend unemployment benefits. the man who's temporarily taken the seat of the late senator robert byrd was sworn in moments before the vote. the final vote is set for tomorrow. british prime minister says he will not order an investigation into weather bp played a role in the lockerbie plane bomber. they're asking for his release as part of an effort to excess libyan oil fields. the company said it did ask for a prisoner transfer agreement but not specifically al magrahi's release. >> any lobbying bp might have done is an issue they have to
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explain themselves. the issue to release him is an issue made by the scottish government and i haven't seen anything to suggest that the scottish government were in any way swayed by bp. >> the simple answer is we should have all the facts, they should be laid out there, and i have confident that the prime minister's government will be confident and make sure the facts are there. >> he's been vocal about his opposition to almagrahi's's release. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton asks both governments to review the release. the government's response to the oil spill, retired coast guard thad allen says whatever is seeping from the gulf is not coming from the deep water horizon well. he says it's coming from one or two other wells no longer in use but close by. other leaks are around the well but small dr a cap police office
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other side of the law tonight. laura evans is everywhere tonight. >> reporter: dennis bell faces child porn charges and may try for a plea deal next month. he was fired after his arrest. they found several computers containing child porn in his home. a dc man will spend nine years in prison for carjacking the senator daughter of bob corker. austin's partner, dewaldin coner will be sentenced on thursday. all 100 rail cars pulled from service earlier this month can go back on the tracks. metro says inspection and repairs are done on the 4,000 series cars. there were concerns about the risk of doors opening while trains were moving. those cars were taken out of service july 2. brian. a federal employee out of a job and all over the internet tonight, her controversial comments sparking debate. plus which local airport has
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the cheapest airfare. a consumer report has the answer and might surprise you. montana looking pretty cool but everybody else is real hot. i'll let you know if we have more thunderstorms to go to the hot weather. >> maybe a snowboarding trip to chile. first a look at our rundown and no tickets to chile. we'll be right back. 
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>> the white house is standing by the decision to give an agriculture employee the boot over controversial comments claiming a racist. here's what shirley shirrard said at an naacp event in march.
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>> i the department fired shirrard from her job as the state director of rural development. she claims her remark was part of a larger story about racial reconciliation, not division. >> my message was that i learned while working with this, that it wasn't just about blacks versus whites. it was about poor people, those who have and those who don't, and i say that. >> the naacp originally supported her firing but has changed her mind. the white farmer supports her to this day. president obama did not know about the incident until after they demanded her resignation, but the president says he supports the usda's decision. which local airport has the
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cheapest air fair? according to a travel website, the answer may surprise you. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top 5. we begin with a tip to getting a cheaper airline ticket. number 5, experts say consider booking a flight out of an alternative airport. fortunately, the dc metro area has three options. according to cheap, you can get the best deals by flying out of reagan national, bui and dulles. if you're trying to come up with a name for your baby, the website tracks the most common searched names. number 3, the world's most visited website is near the bottom of the list when it comes to customer satisfaction. a recent study by the university of michigan found facebook users were dissatisfied with all the constant changes, the spam, the increased advertising and privacy concerns.
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number 2, watch out for the lead foot. cameras are catching plenty of people. according to the website, by the end of may this year, dc red light cameras will rack in $25 million. number 1, you could beay at risk of identity theft. a maryland state employee posted the personal information from nearly 3,000 clients from the state's hearsay department online, everything from names to social security numbers were posted. they're sending them a letter offering a year of free credit checks. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. aon, do you think anybody's looking for aon as a child's name? do you know st. john is also on the list. weather coming up next. and a closer look at how ebook technology is changing the face of reading. we'll be right back.
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katie holmes and jennifer love hewit are also confident, which makes them attractive. >> been building the future of reading. electronic book sales are soaring,, the nation's largest book seller are now outselling hardbacks.
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sherri ly takes a look at the future of books. >> reporter: kramer books in dc keeps good-old fashioned books on its shelf, no ebooks here, and it recently had a sign in the window that said use your kindle at your own risk. >> occasionally we'll see people kind of shuffling through the store and looking at our selection of books in order to choose what they want to download on their kindle. >> reporter: the kindle,'s electronic reader has only been around less than three years, but already the company says sales of its ebook has outpaid hardcover books nearly 2 to 1 last month. >> i think the future is here and ebooks are it. >> reporter: megan carmel, business and is economics editor has an ipad and a kindle. in just a few years, ebooks have become a mass phenomenon, something that normally takes decades. you can now read books on your computer, your phone or an e-reader.
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>> physically, book stores may not be with us forever, which for a lot of us is pretty sad. >> reporter: in the nearly 200-00-0000 publishing industry, ebooks still account for nearly 10% of the market and sales have jumped 200% year to date. using an ebook is like the difference between going to the movies and renting one at home. both are different experiences. >> when i want to turn back to the page and re-read something. >> reporter: constance miller says there's nothing like reading a real book passed down generations like her grandparents read. >> i love the pages and the books cracked with age. >> reporter: the convenience of an ereader, affordability and the ability to buy a book on the spot is enticing more and more people to abandon paper books. >> yeah i thought about it and when that day comes, i might have to go buy a reader. >> reporter: kramer books doesn't see an end to traditional books. the story will adapt to ebooks
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but believes there's room for both. sherri ly, fox 5 news. . i'm dreading getting my electric bill for this stretch of hot weather. >> i know, don't you feel like at least my house the air conditioning never shuts off. yeah real surprise. unfortunately brian it's going to get worse before it gets better, it's going to heat up even more. we've been also cooking up these rounds of afternoon thunderstorms. we had a few today. mostly they missed dc, although what we did get in the city is on the lighter side. it's gone now. we had a couple stronger rotating storms up to the north and east. we start with the radar tonight and you can see the batch that passed by to the south. rotitating storms were in northeastern maryland, a little bit of a front is up there and that's why that was pelting. there's a possibility we might get a little something else late tonight. this is another one of those
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complexes that hangs together for hours, and that may actually affect west central virginia closer to let's say the mid-morning or later tonight but probably mid-morning as it gets in your direction. it may throw a few clouds in our direction as well. you probably heard us talking about the severe turbulence that a pilot hit that left dulles heading out to lax los angeles, and when they went through these storms, they were very hard to avoid and this turbulence is terribly severe. some of these storms well over 35,000 feet into the atmosphere, maybe high as 50,000. it's hard to miss them. they tell the pilots to be about 20 miles away from them. you can see where that would have been, a lot of real estate to cover. those storms continue to rage in the middle part of the country. we had a few severe storms around here today. we may have a few more tomorrow. we are outlooked by the storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma, for the strong possibility of severe storms. you know it's hot across the
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country when even minneapolis is 86. 97 for little rock, dallas 98, phoenix, 109, las veg as110. at least it's dry. i bet our heat is worse and they'd probably complain about it if they were here. the theme for tomorrow, another hot day, very humid with some thunderstorms in the afternoon, 81 degrees by 8:00 in the morning, by noon, we're 91, and 4:00 should be about 94, and it is possible that the western suburbs might see a hit or miss shower before the noon hour. here's what's happening, we'll have a weak front to the north, waves of low pressure riding along it giving us the chance for showers and storms over the next few days. again, not everybody will see them, but if you do, it could have a strong wind with it and could definitely get heavy downpours out of it. the best chance tomorrow i think will be west of here but will be
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scattered around in the forecast. 5-day forecast, here we go, 90 for tomorrow. we have only a spotty chance for a storm on thursday and friday, slight chance on saturday as well. better chance maybe on sunday and it might be a front that has a little bit of front to it. talking about red skins training camp one week from tomorrow, maybe we'll have cooler weather by then. he'll have highlights when we return.
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ich ceys
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>> good evening, the nats found a way to stop the reds tonight,
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temporarily. mother nature intervened and that stopped the bleeding for awhile. the nats 1 and 3 since the all-star break. a start against cincinnati and not a good one. a three-run homerun to joey vatto. remember the first inning. this is the guy that got the final spot in the all-star game. an hour and 40 minute rain delay. os hosting the rays and michelle obama there tonight. her cause, the prevention of childhood obesity. raising awareness and money. charles cofered gets caught off first, ball gets him. he was out, had to leave the game, that's understandable. bottom of the second, luke scott, then it's tye wiggington, and adam jones, they got back to back to back homeruns for the
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first time that's been done since 1995. orioles are trailing 10-9 in the 12th. training camp one weekskins from tomorrow. with a new coach and gm, more than ever, jobs are up for grabs. just ask the safety, lee dowdy. >> with everybody starting anew and everybody starting off on a new foot, i guess you could say, i think training camp gives you a lot of competition. you'll see a lot of excitement because people will want to put their best foot forward. johnny mack, former number 1 grand slam champ, playing for the new york sports times taking on the castle's bobby reynolds. mack did lose the singles, 5-1, but did show some flare for greatness. castles are winning 19-15. hey john, what's the difference between you at 50 and you when
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you were 20? >> it's a whole lot more difficult to recover. and to do the things that made me the best player in the world at that age, but i still like to get out and enjoy my time out there, and every now and again i can swing it pretty good. day 16 of the tour de france and maybe the best day so far for lance armstrong, making a strong bid to win the stage, not the tournament. he would get encouragement from fans in interesting get ups. he finished in sixth place today, still 25th overall. remember the annoying sound of the vuvuzelas? i think you do. >> welcome back to the nelson mandela stadium this week, we're approaching mid-winter. >> the south african trumpets that became permanent, not going
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to happen in england. several premier clubs have banned them from their stadium. they say the horns could prevent them from hearing safety evacuations, plus it's just annoying. i'm dave feldman, brian is back with more of the edge right after this. have a good night.   [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout]
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